Idaho Family Blogs

Idaho Family Blogs

A list of Idaho based blogs that focus on family life ranging from kids, food, education, travel, etc. These blogs participate in the weekly Idaho Family Newsletter. To request inclusion see the policies below.

  • – Education, Family Life, Treasure Valley
  • – Home & Hearth and Everything In Between, Treasure Valley

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All blogs included agree to the following policies:

  • Family – The primary topic of the blogs is materials relevant to parents and families ranging from kids, food, education, travel, etc.
  • Idaho based – The bloggers are in or close to the border of Idaho
  • Play nice with others – No content or links to content that is abusive, discriminatory, harassing and/or harmful to any groups or individuals.
  • Active – Post and participate in the newsletter at least once a month.
  • Request inclusion – Follow and message @readingti_me on twitter with your blog name, link, general topics, location.

To submit a blog post for the weekly Idaho Family Blogs Newsletter:

  • Make sure you agree to the above general blog policies.
  • Submit only one post per issue of the newsletter.
  • We accept posts relevant to families, including topics like education, cooking, travel, work/life balance, etc.
  • The opinions expressed in posts are the opinions of the individual authors and do not reflect the opinions of the community in general.
  • With the following exceptions:
    • No political posts unless they are strictly informative. For example “The school bond vote is on this date.”
    • No highly controversial posts. We reserve the right to decide what is controversial without explanation.
    • No posts that are purely sales. Clearly marked product reviews are fine.
  • To submit a post for the next version of the Newsletter message @readingti_me on twitter with the post title, link and 1-3 relevant categories.
  • Requests must be received before Saturday night to be included in the Newsletter for the next week.